Our African story began in the 1980’s when our parent company, Petredec, started shipping LPG, using small pressurised coastal vessels, from European refineries to North Africa. Fast forward and the Group now delivers almost two million metric tons (mts) of LPG across Africa, with integrated supply systems in place to support long-term sustainable market growth.

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For many African families, LPG is synonymous with cooking. In its cylinder form, LPG offers significant advantages to the home user. It is cleaner, safer and often cheaper than either charcoal or kerosene and does not create the toxic household air pollution of other fuels or contribute to the deforestation caused by the use of wood as a fuel.

LPG is convenient, portable and increasingly available in even the most remote locations. Today many households, both large and small, depend on LPG’s availability to manage daily life.

No order too large, no client too small

While the trading division of our parent company, Petredec, supplies the largest African markets, such as Morocco and Egypt, with more than one million metric tons annually, it is equally experienced in meeting the needs of countries with far smaller requirements. The annual demand of some of Africa’s Indian Ocean islands and territories can amount to just a few thousand tons, but each customer receives the same dedicated and professional Petregaz standard of service.

Over the years, we have recorded a number of ‘firsts’ across Africa, from delivering Morocco’s first ever VLGC (44,000mts), to Mozambique’s maiden seagoing LPG cargo.


We deliver enough LPG to Africa each year to fill more than 160m cylinders.


African land-based LPG storage by 2020.


Delivering LPG on time and at the right cost to our customers is critical. This applies whether the order is for the entire cargo of a VLGC or a parcel of LPG onboard a 2,500mts pressurised coaster.

Today, we have moved beyond being a trading business to serving a diverse range of shipping, storage and distribution clients.

As a trusted partner, we leverage our unique combination of experience, reliability, innovation and accountability to solve critical business challenges for global players, state-owned entities regional powers and local independent operators.

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Our acquisition of 50% of South Africa’s leading LPG wholesaler distributor, Camel Fuels, has taken Petregaz into the land-based fuels wholesale and distribution sectors. The newly rebranded Petregaz South Africa supplies and transports LPG across the region, from Namibia to Zambia, as well as domestically.

Petregaz owns and operates its own fleet of LPG road tankers and is investing in multimodal logistics. While currently expanding across Southern Africa, we also have plans to extend our network across the entire Sub-Sahara region.

120m mts

of LPG delivered globally over the past decade.


Petredec LPG vessels dedicated to Africa alone.

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